Toby Beaulieu, Musician

Born in Pohonegamook Quebec, Toby Beaulieu started to explore and play the harmonium at the age of five.

Like a famous kid of the bible, he tried to empty a lake call Pohonegamook with a spoon so he could see the famous monster “Pohonik “that even to this day is still supposedly roaming the bottom of that lake.

Toby continued his quest for the truth in different aspects of life and entertained other students at elementary school with creepy stories telling and playing the accordion.

Later as a teen, he played bass in a rock band “Tribute to ACDC” ‘s and founded a clandestine political party at the high school that claimed aliens will transport its members to live in a whole new world. After graduating from the high school he went to College to become a field reporter at Jonquiere College. During that year he became finalist in a song composing contest and in the following summer went to serve the UBIC Eskimos near the American-Russian border (Nome Alaska)

Then he left for France to study marionettes and theatre and came back to Ottawa to establish “the world peace theatre” a multi media show combining rock music with human size marionettes with 10 trouble teenagers that Toby was supervising in a governmental program for one year

Toby came back to Quebec made his first album call butterfly and intensely study rock guitar with a great virtuoso by the name of Simon Fox for 2 years .Then Toby left to live on a deserted island one hour from Vancouver called Boulder island where he learn to live like a monk composing music for relaxation. Then while playing at the Port Moody Yacht Club he has been recognize by Chinese officials and invited to play on national Chinese TV for 100 millions people.

Toby played 3 times in Russia did his rock show in Palm Springs, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Moscow, Marseille, and St Petersburg. Played for the Premier of British Columbia Christy Clark.

For the last 3 years, Toby worked on a rock multi media show call Chain Reaction and on a CD called Orion.

Contact Toby via email or call 581-548-0162