Leave a lasting legacy that you control

Forever Bios is a place to post biographies of yourself and loved ones. These are created and controlled by you. They can contain text, pictures and other media. 

A basic biography with one featured photo and text can be posted at no charge. Ongoing enhancements such as adding more pictures and media files as well as edits cost $25/year. Creating a custom design starts at $99 with total fee depending on the scope of the materials in the biography.

Biographies can be public or password protected for your community. All biographies contain a contact form so that people can reach the author by email. Biographies have the option of allowing comments. Custom domain names ( can be added to the biography. 

You can post biographies for yourself or your friends and relatives with their permission. You can also memorialize those who are no longer with us. In addition, Forever Bios can be used for resumes, pets, organizations, reputation enhancements and annual journals.