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Post Free Biography

Enter the text and picture for the biography and it will be posted upon review.

What Better Time Than Now to Tell Your Story.

Purpose and Audience

  • Figure out the purpose for this one page biography – personal, historical, resume or reputation enhancement?
  • Who will see it – everyone or a targeted audience like family or friends?
  • Who should be involved in creating it – relatives, friends, co workers?

Writing a biography is an interative process.

Gather Information

Write down key details about

  • childhood & family,
  • marriage & relationships,
  • work and career,
  • sports, hobbies, pets, travel,
  • favorite sayings,
  • religion & philosophy,
  • places lived,
  • community involvement &volunteerism,
  • politics,
  • things liked or disliked, and
  • retirement activities if applicable.

Every biography is unique as are the categories.

Collect Media

  • For the basic biography pick one feature image for display.
  • For enhanced or custom biographies assemble pictures, videos, sound files, etc as appropriate.

Send feature photo and text to

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