Eevee is a Shiba Inu located just outside of Vancouver , BC Canada. Named after the Pokemon with the same name.

Age: 6

Favourite Food: Steak

Favourite Toy:  Her 3 year old hu-brother Asher

What makes Eevee special?: 

Eevee is the Fountainhead Network office doggo. She works hard all day to make sure the members of our community can be stress free by offering up her luxurious fur coat for anyone to pet and relieve stress. She loves everyone, full heartedly and equally (she likes you even more when you give her treats). She is our greeter at The Fountainhead Network and is already well known and loved by the Port Coquitlam Community. She does not bark because she wants you to know that she’s friendly and thinks if she barks you might not want to pet her, although she loves all her talking fur friends unconditionally.