Christel Ursala Radandt

Born December 24th, 1927

Konigsberg East Prussia (1927 – 1945)

Celebrating her 91st birthday on Dec. 24, 2019

Christel was born on a farm near Konigsberg in East Prussia on December 24th, 1927 together with her twin brother. She was in the middle of 15 children. Her parents were Mathilda Netz (1895-1980) and Wilhelm Gustav Edvard Netz (1889-1976).  As East Prussia was surrounded by Russian and Poland her parents spoke German, Russian and Polish although Christel only learned German.

Life was hard on the farm. Everyone worked. There was no electricity or tractors as human and animal muscle were the only power source. Farm life did not suit Christel as she was small and frail. She went to a one room school where she completed the 8th grade.

Much of Christel’s childhood was during the second world war which started in 1939 and ended in 1945 when she was only 17. Her family was part of a mass evacuation from East Prussia in January of 1945. About 2 million of 2.6 million Germans fled to West Germany with 30,000 dying in the process. Separated from her parents and older siblings Christel was responsible for her younger brothers and sisters as they fled by train, ship and submarine from the advancing Russian army. She would never see their family farm again. Christel started her life anew as a refugee in war torn West Germany.

West Germany (1945-1960)

Christel had to start her life anew as a refugee in what is now West Germany. Housing was in short supply and many families lived together in one home.

In 1950 she met Guenther Radandt and they were married on June 17th 1953. On August 17th, 1954 their first child Helga Matilda was born followed three years later by son Friedhelm Paul.

As housing was tight they bought an empty lot in a suburb of Dusseldorf called Ratingen. They lived in trailer while they built the basement of their house out of brick. They moved from the trailer to the basement when it was completed. They then built the top floors which eventually became home.

Kelowna (1960 – 1965)

  • Bought house
  • Dad’s uncle who was builder
  • Built house
  • German Baptist church
  • Many German friends who remained lifelong
  • Worked at Sun Rype 
  • Pets Fluffy

Vancouver (1965 – 1966)

  • One year close to PNE 
  • Became canadian citizens exactly 6 years after arriving in Canada
  • Street filled with families and children
  • Google map

Port Coquitlam Mary Hill (1966 – 2001)

  • Bought brand new house
  • Big lot on hill
  • Gardens, flowers, vegetables, compost, swimming pool, green house
  • Hot tub, fish pond, work shops, sewing room, knitting, canning, 
  • Mary Hill Baptist Church
  • Retired in 199?
  • Quilting, hiking, x country skiing
  • Husband died
  • Bought house for $16,000 in 66, sold for $350,000 in 2001
  • Many pets fluffy, klenchen, flurry, maltese, suzzie
  • Tropical fish, wine making, 

Port Coquitlam DownTown (2001 – 2020)

  • Quilting
  • Single travel club
  • Hawaii
  • Broke hip got replacement, walker

Port Moody Eagle Ridge Manor (2020 to present)

  • Covid could not get care at home so moved into Manor
  • Dementia, wheelchair