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Forever Bios

A Lasting Legacy

One Page Biographies For

Your Self

Preserve your biography forever in your own words under your control. 

Loved Ones

Create biographies for family, friends and neighbors.


Make history come alive by documenting the lives of those who came before.

Online Resume

Easily put your resume or CV online without creating and managing your own website.

Reputation Management

Your biography is search engine optimized creating positive results.


Record the history of your group, business or organization.

Annual Journal

Update the major events and activities in your life each year.


Share the memories of your non-human companions.


Document a signifacant place, house, land, address, etc.

Why Forever Bios?

When mom moved to a care home we realized that her life story could be lost. We created this site to preserve her biography for family, friends and community. We invite you to share your story to leave a lasting legacy.

What It Costs

Biography is the only true history.
Preserve Yours!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a biography for anyone?

You can create a biography for yourself and those in your care such as children and pets.
If you create a biography for other such as family and friends you must have the their permission.
Anyone can create a biography for those who have passed away but the biographer is always listed.

Who can see the biography?

You have the option to make the biography either public or private. If public it can be viewed by anyone with the link. If private only people with the password that you create can see it.

What happens if I no longer pay the ongoing fee?

The biography stays forever. Editing privileges stop and ads are displayed. You can renew at any point in the future.

Can I upgrade my free biography to custom?

Yes you can upgrade at any time. 

Can I have my own domain name for my biography?

Yes. You can register the desired domain or we can do it for you for a fee.

Any More Questions?